March 2, 2011

It begins

It's official, I'm now fighting my cancer with cytotoxins (chemotherapy) and 
ionizing energy (radiation therapy).

Rockstar band: A hospital band showing my rockstar surname

Hello heart:  The PICC line that will deliver chemotherapy medicine close to my heart for the next 6 weeks

Baby bottle: The small bottle I wear around my neck full of chemotherapy medicine that feeds the PICC line

Medicinal canvas: A lot of work goes into finding the right way to zap the tumour

Radiation rescue: The position I lie in while my bum is zapped from three angles.

Identity is everything: The photo used each visit to prove I am me


  1. Very cool photos. How often do they change the bottles, and how long do you keep it around your neck? Can we call you Agent 11/11/0052 from now on?

  2. I keep it around my neck all day, and place it under my pillow at night. The bottle is replaced every week and so are the dressings.

  3. It must not be easy to carry all those bottles and tubes...where do you place them when you shower?

    Is that an X ray picture of the PCC line? That is the nicest X-ray picture I've ever seen!!


  4. The bottle hangs on a hook just outside the shower, my arm also stays dry during showers. The Xray is my chest indeed, and the long thin dark line you can see is the PICC.

  5. I like your smile. love you Ben. Roro.