November 28, 2011


A good barometer for my overall level of well-being is my attitude towards post-it notes. As I have written here before, I went off to-do lists and post-its and spreadsheets and planning soon after being diagnosed with bot bot cancer.

This was quite a surprise (to me especially) because I love lists. Lists are so structured and clear and organised. I learnt to use them because I don't have a particularly good memory for general stuff (but I can however tell you the Latin name given to the common wombat).

Post-it notes are back. I don't remember when it happened, but all of a sudden I found myself writing things down that I needed to remember to do and that weren't related to cancer. Buy soy milk. Email Kim. Water parsley. Call Nancy back.

People with cancer know that things drop off general to-do lists when in the throes of trying to stay alive. Staying alive is, after all, the biggest to-do. I haven't wanted to put anything else on my list since January.

But now I am nearing the end of treatment and have started to appreciate small things again: things that I would have previously thought were a waste of my precious time, things that 'didn't matter'.

Having post-it notes back in my life is nice. Those little coloured squares are a sign that I am, once again, thinking of a world with me in it.

November 14, 2011


The run is over, the money is banked.

Thanks again to everyone that supported me financially and otherwise in the lead up to the race and on the day.

Your support of The Warwick Foundation meant the total raised was $5500, the 7th highest amount for an individual (12000 people participated).

The Warwick Foundation is a small organisation with a big mandate and each dollar donated to them goes a long way.

I also achieved my two minutes of fame when ran a piece on me, the run and the Foundation.