November 14, 2011


The run is over, the money is banked.

Thanks again to everyone that supported me financially and otherwise in the lead up to the race and on the day.

Your support of The Warwick Foundation meant the total raised was $5500, the 7th highest amount for an individual (12000 people participated).

The Warwick Foundation is a small organisation with a big mandate and each dollar donated to them goes a long way.

I also achieved my two minutes of fame when ran a piece on me, the run and the Foundation.


  1. A special thanks to Vicki at Stretchmates for creating and donating the spectacular orange cotton-lycra costume (; 9553 4204)

  2. Well done Ben! ....and that colour really does look good on you ;)

  3. Dear Ben, this is Kerry. Gino and I just watched your 1 minute 40 seconds of fame. Well done, I could'nt even jog around the block let alone 14 km's. Loved the costume. Orange is you colour. See you soon with vege and meat lasagne. Love Kerry, Gino, Elle and Gussey. oxox

  4. That is a truly awesome piece, and I am not talking about the news story (which is amazing)! Orange one-piece jumpsuit needs to get another airing. Well done BB x

  5. Like, oh my Gawd, you are like, a celebrity.

    Can I have your autograph???
    You should be proud of yourself, sir

  6. You are inspirational Ben! Smashing outfit too.

  7. No wonder your mum is so proud. An outstanding effort by a very gutsy young man.... and that's just talking about your appearance in a lycra suit let alone your cancer challenge and the 14 km run!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ben you are a true inspiration to all people, I always have one saying in life and that is what doesn't break you only makes you stronger and you are proof it is true.I just wanted to say good luck and all the best with this stage of your life and look forward to seeing your updates of your journey and hearing about you smashing it out of the park.Also congrads on the 14 km and loved the orange.
    B&L Colac

  9. well done ben i hope you will be ok with everything hope to see you soon
    love chloe zink

  10. You look incredibly fit and well and hardly raised a sweat! You are a true inspiration Ben to everyone around you.

    From all of us @ team Healthshare :)

  11. You and Sana looks gorgeous on TV!
    You are an inspiration for people around you! Well done!!


  12. Hi Ben,

    Great to meet you at the Cancer Council workshop.

    Do you know if this video is still available online anywhere?

    Glen & Cat