My Timeline


Apr: No evidence of disease (still)


15 Feb: Anticoagulant therapy (for the lung clots that formed during chemo) ends.


23 Apr: Reversal of ileostomy.
20 Mar: Pulmonary CT shows that the blood clots have dissolved, but daily injections will continue.
03 Jan: CT shows that I have 'no evidence of disease' but that I have four dangerous blood clots in my lungs. Twice-daily injections of a type of heparin begin immediately and will last a year.


28 Dec: Gastro graffin enema confirms the colon is healed and sealed.
23 Dec: Adjuvant chemotherapy (Folfox 4) ends.
13 Sep: Adjuvant chemotherapy (Folfox 4) begins.
05 Aug: Out of hospital.
14 Jul: Surgery (ultra low anterior resection, loop ileostomy).
14 Jun: Surgical consult.
10 May: Surgical consult.
05 May: I have the Trio of Scans again to work out how much my tumour has shrunk.
08 Apr: Chemotherapy and radiation therapy ends, PICC line removed.
02 Mar: Chemotherapy and radiation therapy begins.
01 Mar: PICC line goes in.
17 Feb: Meeting with genetic scientist.
16 Feb: Radiotherapy planning session.
11 Feb: PET scan.
08 Feb: Meeting with oncologist and radiologist to discuss preoperative chemoradiation therapy.
04 Feb: Team at Peter Mac meet to discuss MRI results and larger than expected tumour.
03 Feb: MRI to get a better idea of why my sigmoid is hanging lower than normal.
28 Jan: Multidisciplinary Team discuss my diagnostics, identify abnormal positioning of the sigmoid.
27 Jan: Pre-admission blood tests, ECG, xray and met anaesthetist.
21 Jan: Met team at Peter Mac to discuss options.
17 Jan: Met surgeon to discuss options.
12 Jan: Pathology results confirm the tumour is malignant.
07 Jan: Tumour found during colonoscopy. Blood tests. My Sister's birthday.