October 28, 2011

My turn

Cassie dropped her pants for me in Brisbane. Brock ran a personal best over 10 km for me in Ottawa. Susan abstained from alcohol for a month for me in Beijing. Kim cycled 55 km for me in Sydney.

I think it's my turn

The City2Sea is a 14 km run in Melbourne and takes place mid-November.

I'm going to be raising money for The Warwick Foundation - the first and largest Australian organisation supporting 18 to 40 year olds with cancer.

The race will take place after three days of Cycle 5 of my chemotherapy. This is good because it means I will be high on hormones, but bad because I will probably be tired as hell.

I'll be running with my PICC line and bum bag (of the medical apparatus kind) and so won't be going for a PB; it's the thought and effort that counts after all.

You can sponsor me here.

No pressure

I only have Stage 3 cancer AND will be running 14 km for CHARITY in the middle of CHEMOTHERAPY, 14 weeks AFTER surgery that removed 15% of my body weight and sent my resting heart rate UP 30 beats per minute.


  1. Good luck Ben!!!


  2. It is hard enough getting the motivation to run any length, yet do it when you have cancer, have had chemotherapy and a bum bag! Ben this is truly inspirational! Well done my friend and we're sending our support and best wishes.

  3. Wow Ben! I am VERY impressed. There is no way I'd manage that! Good one you! And it's for a very good cause too. Sending you my best wishes.

    Karen S

  4. All the best Ben! You are an inspiration.