May 23, 2011

The Underwear Affair

Bringing awareness to down there-ness: that's the slogan for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation's Underwear Affair.

The Foundation's creative genius didn't stop there. They then designed an underwear-only 10k running event. Yep, everyone running in their undies.

Brock: a Canadian with a Cause
The event asks people to 'Get caught with your pants down' and has pictures of people wearing tshirts that identify them as part of 'The Rollin' Colons'. You can also pick virtual wedgies.

My Canadian Caller, Brock, is going to take part in this event and do so in my name. Brock is always up for trying new things, but running is not normally one of them. This makes it extra special. Before training for this event Brock's longest run was from his kitchen to the loungeroom. Now he is running 2km, 5km and 6km training sessions. Go Brock.

You can support Brock in his bum-run (get it? That's a play on fun-run I just invented) here.

Know of a bowel cancer awareness event in your local area? Please share it below or email me the details.

Who doesn't like partial nudity and running?

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