May 5, 2011

Tumour-free Tourist

The blog went quiet and I'm sorry if people assumed the worst. I just needed some time away from having cancer so I headed north to attend a wedding in Queensland, see my family for Easter and hang with my Sister in Sydney.

I'm back now and over the next week will publish words on:
  • Animals get cancer too: life inside a veterinary oncology clinic
  • I like music with my therapy: writing a song
  • Trying therapies: does it really hurt to try therapies not supported by clinical evidence?
  • The Underwear Affair: Running for bowel cancer

People expected me to be pale, bald and gaunt. Side-effects hit everyone differently. Here I am in Sydney with my Sister looking more like I just stepped off a cruise ship and less like I just finished chemoradiation therapy.


  1. Looking like your usual charming self!

  2. I'm so sorry if I ruined your cancer-free tourist. If I know I would send you the blog post a week later


  3. Charming boy you are back ! You must got my voice messages!

  4. What can I charming as ever!

  5. Wow, the thick luxurious hair is amazing! And the tumor shrinkage too! --Michelle