May 27, 2011


When you have cancer you have to do so much more than the average human just to stay alive. Forget about competing with the average human for wealth, celebrity, status and knowledge, just matching their being alive takes a great deal of focus, money and time.

Studies have shown that certain foods and ways of living can minimise the chances of cancer spreading or returning once it leaves your body. Once I found out I had cancer I tried to incorporate lots of these into my new life. This was important to me because 50% of people with my type of cancer get more cancer (despite surgery and chemotherapy).

I need to drink pomegranate juice every day. I need to eat 1 to 3 grams of turmeric. I need to exercise at least 5 METs. I need to meditate at least 30 minutes per day. I need to have a massage at least once per week. I need to talk to other cancer patients at least once a fortnight. I need to juice vegetables and fruit twice a day. I need to drink at least 3 cups of green tea, 1 cup of dandelion tea and 1 cup of white tea. I need to eat 1 apricot kernel for every 10 pounds of body mass. I need to add black pepper to everything. I need to drink black thick potions of boiled herbs, aloevera juice and olive leaf extract. I need to take my multivitamin and mushroom pills. I need to eat fibre, but not too much. I need to keep a diary. I need to record 3 good things that happened each day. I need to eat almonds and berries. I need to drink vegetable extract and apple cider vinegar.

And all that is just to help my body heal a tumour so I can be more like the average human again. Talk about a handicap.

Incorporating regular massage into my life has been relatively easy

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