February 25, 2011

Ben - aged 28


Bowel cancer can strike at any age. It is most common in people over 50, but that statistic doesn't mean much to me, because I have it and I am 28.

Bowel cancers often start as polyps

Polyps take years and years to turn into cancers.

Studies show that bowel cancers in young people are normally diagnosed at a later stage (a more serious cancer) compared to older people. The main reason: old people are checked for bowel cancer even if they have no syptoms, young people are not.

If you live in Queensland, you can order a $12.95 kit online from Bowelscan Queensland and have yourself tested until April 30. You have to drop the test off at a pathology centre and the results will tell you if you have a polyp and maybe cancer. People in other states can order the test at different times throughout the year.

Nice bum

Bowelscan Queensland is also holding an event in Brisbane to set a record for the most number of people in a public space in their underwear. I can't be there because I will be busy having my bum zapped by radiation. Here I am in spirit:

Ben, aged 28: bowel cancer


  1. Nice BUM Ben! :) most number of people in a public space in their underwear. When is this event? Must be apart of it!! Deb

  2. Ben. PLEASE don't tell Tim. He'll GO!
    Ps. checkin out your bum. very naaace.

  3. I think your doctors and nurses should count themselves lucky they get to work with a derrière of such delightful dimensions!

  4. Nice bot bot! Will take my clothes off for this cause! Anyone going to join me?