February 19, 2011

Local terror, distant bliss

PET results are back.

The last test in the Trio did not pick up any distant disease. The CT, MRI and PET are all in agreement that it appears, for now, I don't have any other tumours calling my body home.

The game changes when you go from having no tumour to having your first tumour. That's a big jump from healthy to diseased. Having distant disease (secondary tumours) changes the game again. I imagine the jump from diseased to more diseased is as scary as the first jump. For now I only need to focus on combating the one tumour.

Collective phew.

One problem at a time is just that much easier to handle


  1. Great news BB - back to a consumption of only 3% your awesomeness. Never forget - awesomeness is consistent, so it doesnt matter how long it takes. The tower of power which is BB is going to take this cancer to the cleaner! Radiation style!

  2. I should rename the blog Tower of Power.

  3. Me too. Sounds like your body is very well-positioned to heal itself. Good luck next week Bravs. BTW are you having any mushies? This page has a few refs to studies on CR cancer: