February 5, 2011

Daddy Deep-freeze

Because I need pre-operative chemoradiation therapy (chemotherapy and radiation therapy given at the same time), I need to think about making a trip to the sperm bank sooner rather than later.

This is just a type of insurance policy because most chemotherapies and radiation therapies only affect fertility during treatment and for a short time afterwards. 

There is a chance though that my fertility could be affected long term. The oncology team have advised me that I am way too good-looking to deny another human my bone structure, tan and height.

The oncology team agree with me that these genes need to be passed on


  1. If ever there was a photo to make Daniel Craig feel threatened...

  2. Haha, this is hilarious. Well, if it is a medical imperative you better start getting busy.

  3. You forgot humility, Ben. You'll need to pass that down as well. Thanks.

  4. Good idea, Ben! Save some sperm! But donot forget there are at least 600 millions chinese girls who are waiting to help you to save your genes... I wish you can produce enough!

  5. I think many females would agree with this - good call :) Unfortunately there was no time to harvest any eggs prior to my treatment - upsetting. So instead they treated me monthly with a implant which put me into temporary menopause. So (in reference to your previous post) my family got to deal with menopause jerk and cancer jerk - how lucky were they?! Now in remission I am praying that my ovaries return to their normal function.