March 24, 2011

A day in the life

Each day is different but here is a typical clinic day. I have one clinic day per week.

08:00 - Go for a 30 min jog. I don't measure distance anymore because my jogging speed depends on how worn out I am

09:00 - Make about 750 ml of fresh fruit and vegetable juice and have breakfast

09:30 - Wrap left arm in plastic and shower one handed, moisturise the skin that gets hit by radiation, brush teeth with baby soft toothbrush and herbal toothpaste (mouths get sensitive during chemo). Measure my temperature (the chemo reduces my immune system a little so I need to watch out for infections)

10:00 - Head off to the hospital

11:00 - Appointment with Medical Oncologist to review side effects and chemo treatment

12:30 - Down to the radiation therapy clinic four stories under the hospital for my daily dose

13:00 - Catch up with Radiation Therapy Nurse for check-up and to monitor side effects

13:30 -  Appointment with Radiation Oncologist to review side effects and radiation treatment

14:00 - Have blood taken to check red and white blood cell levels because new chemo bottle will be attached tomorrow

15:30 - Arrive home and go to bed

19:30 - Wake up and have some dinner

22:30 - Back to bed

On other days you can find me:

  • in the Chemotherapy Day Unit having my PICC line dressings and chemo bottle changed
  • at relaxation or meditation sessions
  • receiving acupuncture
  • at my computer working
  • seeing an energetic healer
  • in bed or on the toilet (these can take over the whole day)

Rest, rest and more rest


  1. so you did not have your lunch or you are not hungry?

  2. i was looking and hoping for replenishment on the itinerary also... ps. i hope you look as fat and relaxed as that kangaroo.