March 7, 2011

Chemo cravings

The chemotherapy bottle was connected on Wednesday and I underwent all three acts of the chemo cycle almost immediately.

Chemotherapy: A digestive opera in three acts

Act I: Lose appetite
Act II: Become nauseous
Act III: Vomit

In a bout of maternal intuition and knowledge transfer, Mum warned me that chemotherapy would feel like being pregnant. I have no way to compare chemotherapy and pregnancy, but between us they sound like similar processes.

Ways having chemotherapy is like pregnancy

  • You are tired
  • The taste of food changes
  • You go off some foods, immediately and violently (the thought of cooked mushrooms makes me rush for a bathroom)
  • You get cravings (I can't get enough salty French toast)
  • You watch other people eat all day and then wake up at 1 AM hungry as hell

A staple for vegetarians, lost to me for the time being


  1. Does chemo makes your metabolism faster? that's why you got tired and hungry?

    Xiao dou

  2. BIG BEN!

    AHOY it's Anthea
    Discovered this just now, got to blast off to a uni lec.

    Take care

  3. Lets hope you don't get cravings for pickles with ice cream at 3am...

  4. I'm eating lots of mushies for you.