June 1, 2011

Sigmoid Sling

There's only one thing I like more than a party, and that is being the center of attention at a party.

I decided to throw a "Help me kick Ass Cancer" party at a local bar in the hutongs of Beijing. The owners of the bar are artists of alcohol and so I set them a challenge: combine as many cancer fighting ingredients as possible and then add alcohol. I suggested something based around pomegranate juice as some studies indicate it may have anti-cancer properties, especially for colorectal cancer.

The Sigmoid Sling

According to Wikipedia: "The Sigmoid Sling is a type of Sling cocktail made from anti-angiogenesis and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as pomegranate juice, apple juice, ginger and cucumber mixed with alcohol. This popular drink was named by Ian Black and first memorialized in 2011 by "high-profile cancer sufferer" Ben Bravery. This "colon-cancer fighting" drink typically is served in a Collins glass over ice."

The bigger picture

I figured a lot of people would come because I was playing the C card, and because I was offering free Sigmoid Slings, so I decided to turn the event into a fundraising opportunity.

My Canadian caller, Brock, has never met me but is going to run 10 km in my name and in his underwear to raise money and awareness for colorectal cancer.

To encourage people to donate I made a paper mâché bum and dressed it in a pair of my underwear. The collection bum worked very well and we were able to raise over 5500 Chinese Yuan, or 850 Canadian Dollars!

The drink lives on

The owners of Mao Mao Chongs, where I held the party, have decided to put the Sigmoid Sling on their menu and donate all profits from this drink to cancer research! Stephen and Stephanie, you guys are fantastic.


  1. I love the Sigmoid Sling so much that I'm having one for my breakfast RIGHT NOW

  2. Papier mache bum, hey? Did Tim make that, perchance? ;-)

  3. Tim is great at craft and would have done a good job on my bum, but was back in Australia and so couldn't make the party.