June 24, 2011

From Oz with love

Dr Oz has had two polyps removed from his colon in the space of a year, one of them precancerous. He recently wrote about it in TIME magazine. I mean, this is Dr Oz - former cardiac surgeon and health and fitness nut!

He makes the outstanding point that bowel cancer can appear in healthy people too (ie. Oz and me).

You do not need to be a 190 kilo balloon who exclusively eats fries and steak shakes to contract this cancer.

Don't be scared, just be mindful.

Photograph by Marco Grob for TIME

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  1. Yeah - once I heard my 50 something year old Italian father-in-law had bowel cancer after a lifetime of being a vegetarian and enjoying a Mediterranean diet high in olive oil and tomatoes and pasta - I didn't worry too much about eating steak.