June 6, 2012

Had surgery? Be heard.

I offered to help recruit research participants for a new study being done into the information needs of people having surgery for colorectal cancer.

This project aims to explore patients’ experience of a subtotal or segmental colorectal cancer resection, and to identify their information needs. The project will study the longer term outcomes of the two different surgical options. If a need is identified, patient information leaflets will be developed from the findings for use in clinic.

This research project will focus on what patients have to say about the experience and outcomes of surgery in their own words. We will cover topics such as what you knew about colorectal cancer before you were diagnosed, what you knew about the surgery before you had it, your experience since having surgery, and what you would most liked to have known prior to the surgery, and how you would have liked to receive this information.

You can choose whether you would prefer to have an individual interview at a time and place that is convenient to you, or be part of a focus group discussion with 8-12 people who have undergone a similar surgery to you. 

If you want to take part please contact Emma Steel on  (03) 8344 0768 or emma.steel@unimelb.edu.au

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