August 12, 2011

Google a body

I studied some human anatomy and a bunch of non-human animal anatomy as part of my science degree. But that didn't help me when the surgeon first mentioned removing my seminal vesicle: I pretended I knew exactly where it was and then raced home and checked a textbook.

Ah ha! That's why my bladder was in danger
Then, confused about why my whole bladder, and not just part of it, may have to be removed, I took that atlas to my next consultation. Having the surgeon show me on an actual diagram what may have to go and why was worth more than a thousand line drawings on hospital stationary.

I wish I'd known about Google Body

Google Body is a free web-based atlas of the human body. You can select male or female, skin or no skin, all muscles, some muscle or no muscle.

It allows you to fade organs and systems in and out, hide tisssues, and highlight organs. It also tells you what you are looking at.

I think Google Body is an excellent tool for patients to better understand their situation and participate in their healthcare.

It's only one version of human anatomy (we're all a little bit different), but still a powerful visualisation tool

Cancer patients hear a lot about lymph nodes, I have added them here (green nodes and channels)

Found you seminal vesicle!

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  1. Google body sounds good, thanks for the tip.
    Darned if I can get it to work though, its seems my graphics card has issues!