July 23, 2011


Surgery went well. In addition to losing my rectum, sigmoid and descending colon I underwent a partial vasectomy. The tumor ended up not being that intimate with the bladder and right seminal vesicle and the one-sided vasectomy shouldn't affect man-functions too much.

Time to grow up Small Intestine

I'm still in hospital. The temporary ileostomy I had means that what is left of my colon is bypassed. The main job of the colon is to absorb water.

My small intestine is behaving as though nothing has changed, as though it can just keep passing water to its larger sibling. It's time to grow-up small intestine, it's your time to shine. Haven't you been training for this my whole life?

The large amount of water leaving my body via this new junction means I can become dehydrated easily. The most unpleasant symptoms of dehydration include being told:

'You look like crap'
'Your eyes are like sunken pits'


  1. Maybe you lost a coupla physical things, but neither your sense of humour nor style.


    (Kirsten's mum)

  2. I hate when people say things like that - like 'gosh you look tired today'. I always feel like saying - thanks, you look sh*t too!

    Anyway, glad things went as well as they could. Thinking of you, and hope the recovery goes quickly.


  3. just tell people you are hung over and not dehydrated! Great to hear it all went well.xx

  4. and wow i have been trying to add comments for months and failed badly. How did i manage this. I have been wanting to say how much i love the blog. Love to you and Sana xxx

  5. Good to hear that the surgery went well. Have a speedy recovery. Thinking of you always from Singapore =).